1. Introduction

Greetings earthlings.

Welcome to The Alien Abduction. My name is Rudi Cheow, and I created this web site to document in detail the story of a recent traumatizing event that happened to me. I was the victim of a henious practical joke. It was sick and painful and I wish the perpetrator of this vile act a lifetime of misfortune. A loved one was kidnapped from my warm embrace only to be blindfolded and abused. He was caged in a dirty toilet. He got convinced he was a Victoria Secret's model. He was psychologically traumatised and now he will never be the same again.

I have my loved one back, but the scars will never heal.

I put this site up not only as a means to channel my anguish but also as an appeal to you, the members of the public, for any information you have that may lead to the capture and conviction of the offender.

He/She/It still walks free, and I still don't know who it is.

Was it you??