9. In Retrospect

It has been nearly a month now since Alien came back. He is healing slowly. He doesn't remember much of what happened to him, but at least he has his memory of me and the relationship we had. I'm trying to rekindle that lost friendship, but it's proving to be difficult. He has been heavily traumatized, as have I.

We will both find it hard to move on to greener pastures, and it might be so painful that it hits the stage he starts pointing to the sky and saying "Home". If that day comes, I will have lost my best ever friend.

To the public: I need to know who did this. If you have any relevant information please send it to me. I (and Alien) will be forever grateful. And if sending gifts to Alien please stop sending women's underwear. He has tragically stopped wearing those.

To the kidnapper, whoever you are, you have no idea what impact you have had on my life. My only consolation is that you have this guilt to live with for the rest of your life.

Was it you??


Everything in this story is absolutely true except for the exaggerated description of the relationship I had with Alien (which in truth was almost non-existent) and ny life-ceasing sorrow I had for his absence, along with a few other details obviously only included for dramatic effect. All the phtographs on the site of Alien taken while he was kidnapped are real and were actually taken by the abductors. I still honestly do not know who they are.

I have the consent of the people whose names and photos have appeared here (well, sort of anyway). The reason behind the creation of this site was just as a bit of fun really. I thought it was a really amusing story and it sounded like a cool idea to create a site just for it. If you have any comments please let me know. I also did the site as an addition to the online portfolio of my new one-man-show Web Design company. If you are impressed with this site and would like to contract me to design and/or maintain a web site for you, please contact me.

Above all I hope you've enjoyed this crazy tale.