4. Investigations Begin

After a while I picked myself up and started examining the evidence. The first big question was who would have a twisted enough mind to be able to attempt something like this. The immediate answer that came to everyone's mind was:



Simon is the office nutcase. He has a predisposition to a very sadistic brand of humour. He is definitely capable of having masterminded this operation, but he denies it claiming that the ransom note is too "low-tech" a modus operandi if compared to the way he would do it. To this day I have no evidence against him, but the internal voice of instinct still makes him the prime suspect by a long shot.

With no evidence to convict Simon, we looked at other possibilities. Time to examine the physical evidence. The only article we had that could assist us was the ransom note. It was a mass of cutout letters of the alphabet from a tabloid newspaper arranged and stuck down with a strip of tape for each line, which ran horizontally across the width of the note. There were fingerprint marks on the underside of the tape, but we didn't have access to the facilities necessary to analyse these. But there were three clues which were of interest:

  • The newspaper cut-outs were believed to have been taken from a British tabloid. Not many people in the department buy and read (or look at, as the case may be) tabloids on a regular basis.
  • The fingerprints were small, leading us to believe the mastermind was a woman.
  • The tape used to stick the letters down was not regular glossy tape. It was of the matte variety that when applied properly became almost invisible. Not many people use this tape.

I took a walk around the area trying to match these clues up, but none of them matched up perfectly with anybody. The closest match was someone who didn't read tabloids, even though she did have the clear tape. I presented the problems to others and one of them noted that this closest match of a suspect might have actually been responsible along with someone else! A conspiracy theory emerged. You see, there was a party being held that Saturday night (two days away from the kidnapping). This new suspect was going to the party and she just happened to know the organiser of the party quite well. So we theorised that the two were conspiring to prop the alien up for this party in preparation for my arrival and subsequent shock. That would be so convenient. The two new suspects:



Behind the innocent Bambi eyes is a lurking mind of a madwoman that should never be underestimated. She has a weakness for sugar, but is otherwise unwavering in personality and attitude. A secret desire to inflict emotional torment may be behind the motivation of napping Alien. The one with the clear tape.



The organiser and host of the party. I am convinced she is Medusa reborn (the hair alone is a giveaway). She may look smug, but it is only a facade. She too is evil and though one doubts she would initiate an alien abduction, she most definitely will volunteer to be an accessory to one. I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if she was indeed involved in the abduction.

During lunchtime on the day of the aliennapping I drove to the supermarket to purchase the ransom (26 jelly babies). I waited in anticipation for the rest of Thursday and Friday for the "instructions" that according to the ransom note would be provided. Nothing happened. I went home Friday evening expecting the party the following evening to be extremely eventful.